Don't Ruin Your Garbage Disposal On Thanksgiving

thanksgiving dinner

Cookies, cakes, ham, turkey, pie, rice, mashed potatoes, and stuffing are all foods that are served in your Lakeland home on Thanksgiving. These foods can water the mouths of those who think about them, especially families that may have special dishes that everyone longs to eat when they go to have Thanksgiving dinner.

Even though everyone is anxious to eat all of this food, how much of it will end up down the garbage disposal unit? The chances are great that a lot of the food will end up in the garbage disposal, even if the food is too good to throw away. Many don’t feel they can eat everything they put on their plate, so whatever isn’t eaten will get thrown into the garbage or into the garbage disposal.

Why Are Garbage Disposals Overused On Thanksgiving?

A garbage disposal can be heavily used on Thanksgiving because of the fact that there is so much food. Many don’t like to have to do too much work after they’ve eaten, and a convenient way to get out of taking out the garbage is by putting most of the food down the garbage disposal unit.

Although it’s perfectly fine to use a garbage disposal on Thanksgiving, overusing it can damage the unit or even short it out. Many stories are spread about Thanksgiving disasters with the garbage disposal unit, and a lot of people will admit to using the unit for long periods of time. Even if the unit has to be used regularly on Thanksgiving, avoid putting certain objects in it, and don’t leave the unit on too long.

Don’t Put This In The Unit

Don’t ever put hard objects into a garbage disposal. Even small bones or a toothpick can end up being a big problem for a garbage disposal unit. Although the unit has tough blades, only certain foods can properly go down the unit without causing it problems. Avoid bones, cabbage, celery stalks, and stringy foods going into the garbage disposal. Even if the garbage disposal crushes the food, stringy items may get stuck around the blades and eventually cause them to stop working.

Plumber Needs

Fortunately, if a garbage disposal does stop working, there are plumbers who are willing to come out and fix it, even on Thanksgiving. Be aware that not all garbage disposals can be fixed once they are broken, and some may need a full replacement.

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