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Are You Taking Care Of Your Lakeland, FL Garbage Disposal


Any plumber can tell you stories that will keep you up at night about the things they have found in garbage disposals. Keeping those little mechanical wonders working well is the key to domestic bliss. There are only three things in a kitchen worse than a broken disposal and two of them are alive. So how do you make sure it functions better as Fall approaches?

Garbage In?

The fastest way to destroy a garbage disposal is to assume it is a disintegration chamber. Putting the wrong things into a mechanism, no matter how formidable, can lead to problems, so be sure you follow basic common sense when deciding whether to let Timmy race little metal cars around in the sink.

Disposals are best at making big organic things into a lot of small organic things. But it is also important to remember there is a drain behind it. Anything you wouldn't be willing to dump into a regular drain probably shouldn't go in a disposal either.

Cleanliness to Impress

One great trick for cleaning a disposal is to drop several ice cubes in it and then run it for a while. Probably a good idea to cover it with a plate at the same time so you don't get ice ricochets all over the kitchen. This will clean the mechanism effectively and prevent residue buildup that can harm the machine.

It's also important to remember a garbage disposal is also a drain, so making sure the pipes are unobstructed and clean will only serve to improve the operation of the disposal. Avoid bleach if at all possible, as there are much better ways to keep the system clean.

Keep it Cool

It's generally a good idea to run cold water through a disposal while it is in operation, and use hot water only for cleaning. Cold water will keep organics (like fat) solid and will make some items easier to break down. The water will also help cool the mechanism, which will prevent damage through friction or heat buildup.

Consult your neighborhood plumber for advice on how to keep all of your household drains, water systems and appliances in top condition. As the weather changes, issues that might not have been noticeable have a way of becoming problems that can't be avoided. Keeping your disposal clean and well maintained will save time and money all year long.

Time to get your Lakeland home garbage disposal ready for the holiday season. Call SAMCO Plumbing at (863) 509-1718  today.