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Stink In The Sink?


garbage disposal 

unit is so helpful. It is able to do things inside of your kitchen that the other equipment just is not going to do. If you are on the fence regarding having a garbage disposal installed, you just need to look over these 10 reasons why a garbage disposal unit is a great asset to your kitchen.

Prepare Food in the Sink

If you have vegetables you need to peel and slice up, the best way to do this is in the sink. You just push the vegetable peels into the garbage disposal and that is everything you need to do.

Clean Kitchen

Trying to transport discarded food waste from one location to the next in the kitchen is going to result in spillage and other problems that may reduce the overall cleanliness of the kitchen. The garbage disposal can prevent all of this.

Less Garbage

Do you have to pay for every city garage bag? Perhaps you rent out a unit you pay a monthly fee for. With a garbage disposal, you have less food waste, which means less garbage. This in turn can result in less trash being tossed out and help save you money with fewer garbage bags during the year or even a smaller rental unit.

Clean Up Faster

Clean up is a breeze with a garbage disposal. The discarded items go down into the disposal, you run it and that is everything you need.

Installed Over Self Install

There is a major reason to have the garbage disposal installed instead of self installing it is because there is a very specific fit to the equipment. If it is not set up properly it is just going to leak everywhere. Proper Electrical Wiring
For any home that is new to having a garbage disposal, electrical wiring is key as it has a control switch on the counter. A professional should do this.


A trained professional often comes with a certified warranty, so if there is an issue they can come back and correct it after the installation.

Pointers for the Right Unit

Selecting the right garbage disposal unit on your own can be tricky. However, a professional can help you find one that is right for you.

Save Installation Time

Professionals can install the garbage disposal unit quickly, but if you do not have experience with it, it can take a very long time, if it is even done right the first time.

Right the First Time

Having the garbage disposal unit installed right the first time by a professional saves you money, leakage and the headache of dealing with it.

Smelling a stink in the sink of your Lakeland area home? That means you need a garbage disposal. Call Samco Plumbing at (863) 509-1718, and have an expert install one today!