DIY Could Mean Disaster!

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DIY Gone Wrong

There's nothing wrong with a little can-do spirit. A willingness to rise to the occasion is the hallmark of a resourceful person. However, another hallmark of a resourceful person is knowing which tool is right for the job. When it comes to plumbing, the right tool is usually a phone that will call over some professional help.

A little do it yourself, or DIY, can be great. But it should stay in reserve for smaller projects. There's a reason why plumbers are on most people's emergency call list. Plumbing issues should usually be considered emergencies. There's three examples which can highlight this point.

The Smell of Toilet Water

Toilet water shouldn't be much of an issue. In fact, the water in a properly cleaned toilet is usually quite pure. However, that's a very different thing than used up toilet water. And that's the issue which many people have faced when attempting a DIY job on their toilet. Pipes can seem quite simple from an outside perspective. Liquid is put into the pipe, and liquid goes down the pipe. However, people forget that the pipes also empty into very unclean areas.

Pipes have very important safeguards in place to prevent sewer gas from rising back up into a house. Someone who doesn't understand why a little bit of water should remain trapped in a specific area will soon find himself facing an entire house that smells like sewage.

Clogged Drains

A small clog in one's drain is easy to fix. However, a huge clog is a whole other matter. Many people assume that since they know how to fix a small clog then a large one simply means scaling up the process. The DIY person will poor more and more toxic and corrosive chemicals down the pipes in the hope of fixing the problem. And in the end, there's a very good chance they've just made it worse.

Best case scenario, they've just made it a lot harder for the real plumbers when they come to fix the issue. Worst case scenario will be a disaster where the pipes actually burst. This can quickly result in very costly water damage to one's home. In particular because the DIY person probably doesn't know where the water shutoff valve is.

Trying to Install a Dishwasher

Once again the worst case scenario comes down to extensive water damage. It's often tempting to try installing a dishwasher. A smaller model seems as if it'd be a simple matter of connecting a few pipes. The reality is that it's often a very difficult matter to properly install the water and drainage lines. It's not enough for it to be nearly perfect.

Just a little give is often all it takes for one's floor to be quickly flooded with water. Which, again, can often end up costing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

We've seen too many DIY disasters. Save yourself the headache and call the professionals of SAMCO Plumbing at (863) 509-1718 for service in the Lakeland area! 

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