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Are You About To Make A HUGE Mistake?


Dangerous plumbing situations can cost a homeowner more for repairs the longer that it is left unfixed. Many homeowners lack the plumbing aptitude that it takes in order to repair a plumbing problem and diffuse the plumbing emergency.

There are many homeowners that think that they can take care of the problem on their own, but that is not a good idea unless the homeowner is well versed in plumbing, because there are several high pressure area in a plumbing system that can injure the homeowner or cause related property damage.

Risk of electrical shock can also be a associated with a plumbing emergency when the leak is by an electrical outlet or breaker box.

One of the most dangerous household plumbing mistakes, and how to avoid it:

A burst pipe neat the home's electrical box is one of the most dangerous plumbing emergencies that can occur. Mixing water and electricity is never a good idea, and if the leak is located by an electrical breaker box the homeowner should not attempt to repair the leak on their own.

They should vacate the area and call a plumbing professional that is specially trained to take care of plumbing emergencies such as this one. Serious electrical shock that can produce severe injuries in the form of burns are a risk for anyone dealing with electricity and water.

What can happen if a homeowner doesn’t avoid them:

If a homeowner does not avoid plumbing emergencies they can expect to experience major water damage in their home. They will also be at a higher risk for harmful mold growth that has been associated with many respiratory disorders. Structural damage to the home and foundation is also possible if a plumbing emergency is not taken care of as soon as possible.

The problem will not go away. Many times it will progress into something so severe that total home loss could occur.

No matter how small of a problem that a homeowner has with their plumbing system it is a good idea to have a licensed plumbing professional come in annually and inspect the house's pipes in order to ensure that any small problems are caught before the progress into plumbing nightmares.

It could mean the difference between a couple of hundred dollars for an inspection and tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs to the home.

Don't get mixed up in a serious plumbing issue in your Lakeland home. Call SAMCO Plumbing at (863) 509-1718 today, and have the professionals clean up that mess.