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Going Green Is Easier Than You Think


Every week you hear about the various water shortages affecting different parts of the world. Even a heavy rainfall seems to just make a dent in the severe droughts some areas are facing.

These conditions have made it more important that we are careful with how we use water in our homes, regardless of where we live. Even if a severe drought isn't affecting your city, you can still save money on your monthly water bills by making a few small changes in the way you use water.

Using Less Water Around The House

Modern low-flow faucets and shower heads aerate the water as it flows, allowing you to get the same results using a smaller amount of water. You can also save water by turning the sink off after wetting your toothbrush as opposed to letting it run the whole time you brush your teeth.

Shortening your showers can also save you gallons of water each week. And maximize the water being used by your washing machine and your dishwasher by making sure the loads are full.

Update Appliances And Toilets

Older model dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters are all less efficient than newer versions. You’ll find you are using less water and less energy after updating these to modern high-efficiency models. Similar to appliances, older toilets can use more water than necessary, especially if they leak or continue to run when they shouldn’t be running.

You’ll find a variety of low flow toilets to fit your budget and even dual flush units that provide the option of half or full flushes, depending on the need.

Check Pipes For Leaks And Add Insulation

Leaking pipes are wasting water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check pipes regularly for leaks. Most people have their water heater in the basement or on the ground floor.

This means water has to travel further to get to your showers and bathtubs. The farther the water has to travel the faster it will cool down. This means you’ll have to run the water longer to get up to temperature. If you insulate your hot water pipes coming out of the water heater the water will stay hot further away from the heater.

Simple tips like these will save you water every month. That not only helps the planet, but helps your wallet too!

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