Top 3 Reasons Your Home Has Cloudy Tap Water

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Water is something people need to have on hand at all times. Water allows people to bathe, provides them with access to one of life's necessities and provides them with access to toilet facilities. When the water that comes into a Lakeland home appears to be discolored, it can as a result of several reasons that may need to be addressed to fix a potential problem of some kind.

Distribution Center Issues

Water might be discolored because the source of the water at the local area water distribution center might be impaired in some way. The water center may be having problems with clearing out impurities from the water. They might be in the process of conducting tests on water quality and using some chemicals that may be making the water discolored. In that case, it is best to contact the local area water board if a problem of some kind is suspected.

Problems With Copper Piping

Copper piping can easily cause water to be discolored in some way. The color may seep into the water, making it appear blue or green. In homes that have copper piping. this can be a major problem or a minor one. In any case, the homeowner should get the piping inspected if a problem is seen. The pipes may need to replaced by the owner of the house in order to fully solve this particular problem. All parts of the pipe should be carefully examined in order to help discover exactly where the problem with the pipes lies.

Galvanized Piping Issues

Older houses usually have older pipes. Older pipes there may cause all kinds of problems. Most older pipes are made from steel or iron. Each type of material may have problems as the house ages and outside factors such as long term use of water cause discoloration within the pipes. The pipes may also have problems as a result of rust. Rust in the pipes can easily cause the pipes to become discolored. Rust can get into the water. To find out if the problem in question is rust, it is a good idea to let the water from the pipes run for a few minutes. If the water continues being discolored after that period of time, the problem is likely rust in the pipe. This problem should be further checked out by a Lakeland professional who can determine if further action is needed.

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