Sharing The Shower With Your Pet? Your Drain May Be Clogged.


Dog and cat hair in the drains of your Lakeland home can become a headache. These hairs can accumulate and easily cause your drain or pipes to become clogged. In order to prevent such clogs from occurring there are a number of tips that one can follow.

Use a strainer

A strainer is not only beneficial from keeping foreign objects from going down your kitchen sick, they can also be used to reduce the amount of pet hair that goes down the drain of your tub or sink during bath time. Just make sure that you place the strainer over the opening of the drain before you let the water out.

The strainer will act as a filter and catch certain items from entering into your drain and pipes. Once all of the water has been let out, just simply retrieve the strainer and empty the contents into the garbage.

Keep your animals hydrated

In addition to hair entering the drains through the washing of your beloved pets, hair can also find its way to your pipes when your dog or cat uses the toilet to take drinks. In order to prevent your dog or cat from seeking the toilet to quench their thirst make sure that you keep their water bowls clean and replenished.

This will help to prevent your pets from drinking from the toilet. Drinking from the toilet can cause hair to drop into the toilet. Once this hair is flushed it can accumulate over time and eventually cause your drain to be clogged.

Do not flush the kitty litter

Some kitty litter may state on its label that it is flushable, but sometimes this is not a good idea. Used kitty litter can contain items that may not freely flow through your drains. These foreign objects can include hair or even bones.

Flushing these items can eventually take a toll on your Lakeland plumbing system. Instead of risking your drains being clogged with cat hair and other objects that can be found in the kitty litter, be sure to dispose of the litter by placing it in the garbage.

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