Dangers Of Chemical Drain Cleaning

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Damage to Plumbing

Trying to unclog a drain with chemical drain cleaners poses many dangers. The chemicals in drain cleaners are highly toxic and react with the organic matter clogging the drain. Although their effectiveness at removing clogs in the upper portion of pipes can be seen quickly, they are not as effective at removing clogs deeper within the pipes. When these chemicals sit in the pipes, they can cause corrosion and damage. This can result in weak, damaged, or broken pipes that are costly to replace.

Professional plumbers are trained to unclog drains without the use of these harmful chemicals. Using a professional plumbing service can avoid these damages by using appropriate tools. This ensures that pipes are protected from the harsh chemicals and avoids damage to the system.

Damage to Health

The chemical reaction that occurs upon contact with organic matter is usually immediate. If the drain cleaning solution is poured too quickly into the drain, it can splash, causing chemical burns. Contact with the eyes can result in blindness, and simply inhaling the fumes can cause inflammation and damage to the respiratory system. In addition, storing chemical drain cleaning solutions can be hazardous, especially to young children and pets. If ingested, the chemicals can result in poisoning or death.
When a professional plumbing service is used, there is no need to store these dangerous chemicals in the home. A licensed plumber will unclog the drain, avoiding contact with the chemicals altogether.

Damage to the Environment

Any time a chemical drain cleaner is poured into a drain, it is introduced into the environment by way of the sewage system. Even though water treatment plants are designed to remove waste from the system, they were never intended to deal with the chemicals in drain cleaners. The chemicals that make their way through the system are then introduced into waterways, polluting water used by plants, animals, and humans.
Hiring a plumber can help avoid this situation and keep the environment clean. They can often use equipment, such as high pressure water jets, to clear the clogs without chemicals. This is better for pipes and better for the environment.

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