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Upgrade Your Bathroom


When it comes to bathrooms, making changes and upgrades can have a significant impact on the both the perceived and actual value of a home. Many real estate and industry experts agree that the cost of a bathroom remodel is money well spent. Remodeling Magazine’s annual cost vs. value report points to bathroom remodels among those with the greatest return on investment. refers to bathroom remodels as “a sure-fire investment, often returning more than 100 percent of the cost.”

Here are ten ways to upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom with the help of a professional contractor.

Quick Hits

There are steps that a homeowner can employ to immediately improve the look and feel of a bathroom that don’t require a lot of cash or a full remodel.

1. Update light fixtures and frame a mirror
2. Fix dripping or leaky faucets
3. Replace a shower head to improve water pressure
4. Paint walls, install wainscoting or both

All of these projects deliver value without a lot of cost or effort. A plumbing contractor or bathroom remodeling specialist can often enact these repairs and upgrades in a short amount of time.

Hardware Upgrades

If it’s been some time since the hardware and plumbing in a bathroom has been replaced or upgraded there’s little that a homeowner can do cosmetically that will hide the age of a bathroom’s fixtures. Replacement becomes inevitable after a certain point in time.

5. Replace a toilet with a low-flow or more modern model
6. Fix or replace plumbing in walls to prevent or alleviate leaks and water damage
7. Install new faucets and modern shower heads

Full Remodel

Doing a complete overhaul of a bathroom can be a significant undertaking but the long-term value of the project far outweighs the cost and effort. Prospective homeowners often look for that spa-like atmosphere when evaluating a home’s bathrooms.

8. Upgrade tile and counter-tops
9. Install new vanities, sinks, and faucets
10. Add another sink or even increase the size of a bathroom

All of these upgrades are a great investment even if you have no intentions of selling.

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