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The 3 Main Benefits Of Bathroom Remodeling

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In case you missed the memo, the bathroom in your home is the second most visited place; the kitchen wins the trophy. Yet your bathrooms can be neglected; especially the visitors' bathroom which is usually located in the hallway. After years of usage, it may just be time to contact your local and friendly plumbing company to get started on a remodel. Actually, you'll be in good company since bathroom remodeling is still one of the most popular home improvement projects.

Added Value: While your "dream" bathroom may involve space you don't need, the fact is that a typical bathroom is usually around 100 square feet these days. Ergo, a huge bathroom "footprint" may not always be the best way to go in terms of a better bath. Prior to taking serious remodeling steps for a bathroom, best you discuss your concept with your experienced plumbing company keeping in mind that choosing quality over quantity may be the best path to take. These upgrades will most certainly add to the value of your home.

Safety Upgrade: It's important that any bathroom upgrade focus on safety. After all, this is usually where the medication and other drugs are located or hidden from children. Remember, you can always create the illusion of more space in small bathrooms by going "UP" not "OUT" making your storage cabinets vertical. Also, rather than the usual "swing or hinged door" consider "pocket doors" which will add an additional 10 square feet of floor space. You can upgrade to what hotels use for safety: a hotel shelf that combines towel racks, too.

Efficiency: It's a fact that nearly 65 percent of people in this country shower at least once per day. That said, due to the "hurry, hurry" atmosphere that permeates folks today, soaking in a tub may not be as popular as it was decades ago. So create a sensational shower area by swapping your antique shower head with a new, high-quality model; and maybe toss in a vertical spa complete with a body spray and hand shower all on a single wall, too. And don't forget to add seating to your shower. Including seating will ease the conundrum of shaving and washing those "tough spots." A secure shower seat creates shower safety and avoids slips and falls. When not in use, the seat simply folds up in a thin, compact profile.

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