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5 Water Heater Maintenance Tips To Lower Your Energy Bill

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can be a great source of energy-saver as long as you handle it right. It is known that water heater is the second largest energy consuming product in your home, accounting for about 15% of the household energy bill which means $400 to $600 spent on bill due to this appliance. Your objective should be to increase its efficiency, that is the difference between water heaters and most other appliances at home, you have the control over the former. The greater the heater's efficiency, the more money in your wallet. These are 5 ways to keep your water heater performing well.1. Lower Hot Water Consumption This is not a magical way of lowering your bill but the usual way for normal times. You lower hot water usage and your bill will automatically do its part. By installing a low-flow shower-head, you will be cutting hot water consumption between 25 to 60 percent. How much to use depends on a rule of thumb though. A family of four showering for five minutes each uses 700 gallons of water a week. This equates to three year supply of drinking water for one person. Now you do the math.

2. Turn Down the Thermostat

Hot water stays flat, rises or lowers because of the thermostat adjustments. For every 10 degree lowered, you will be saving around 5 percent on your energy bill. Water heaters come preset at 140 degrees which can be adjusted according to weather and your needs. In fact, the energy department recommends lowering it to 120 degrees and even goes to the extent of paying incentives for doing so.

3. Draining the Sediment

Sediments build up naturally in any water heater unit. This sediment gradually reduces the efficiency making energy saving a challenge. By draining the tank regularly, at least once a year, you are doing a favor not only for the water heater but your financial portfolio as well.

4. Insulating Hot Water Tank

Older tanks located in unheated spaces will function better when they are insulated from top to bottom thus reducing the overall energy consumption.

5. Insulating Exposed Hot-Water Pipes

Another way to reduce water heater's energy consumption is by insulating pipes that are exposed to air. Some heater installers leave the pipes bare during installation in order to save money. When this happens, make sure they cover it because most cities require pipes to be insulated. Also, by insulating these pipes, water at the faucet will arrive up to 4 degrees warmer so you don't have to wait for long.

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