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How Do You Keep Your Home Up To The Current Building Codes For Water Heaters?


The local building codes for water heaters vary from city to city, but you may keep your home in good condition by looking out for the three most important water heater codes. Water heaters must be serviced by a professional plumber when you discover problems, and you must have the plumber inspect your home when you suspect there are problems. This article covers the three most important building codes for your water heater that you can see for yourself.

#1: The Gas Lines Must Be Safe

Safe gas lines never leak, and they are properly attached to your water heater. The majority of water heaters on the market today are easy to install, but the pipes around the heaters may take quite a journey to their final destination. The gas lines may be checked by a plumber at any time, and leaks must be repaired if you wish your heater to function properly.

#2: No Standing Water Around The Unit

Your water heater cannot have standing water around it at any time, and you must ensure that you have any leaks repaired at once. A little condensation is normal, and the condensation may drip on the floor. A leak that is leaving your heater in danger of being submerged must be repaired at once, and your plumber may complete repairs to the heater at the same time.

#3: The Unit Must Not Be Rusted

Rust on your water heater is generally a violation of building codes because rust could cause a rupture or even an explosion. You cannot predict how a water heater will behave when it is holding several hundred gallons of water under pressure, and you must be very careful when attempting to check the rust. Any rusty holes on your water heater must be filled at once. There are extreme cases in which you may need to replace the unit, and your plumber will advise you when the unit is beyond repair.

Every home water heater must be treated like a delicate piece of equipment, and you will find that a plumber can keep the unit in good condition with a simple inspection. You may check on the heater yourself, but you must call the plumber when you notice that the heater is no longer up to the building codes you believe must be met. Working with a plumber will help you keep hot water in the house flowing.

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