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Say Goodbye To Tough Clogs

Keeping drains clean 

is a vital consideration that contributes to enhancing proper health in every home. Doing regular cleaning of the drainage system will help to curb the occurrence of frustrating clogs, something that helps to relieve build-up of matter inside the pipe, thereby ensuring flawless flow of water.

However, most homeowners do not have an idea why keeping their drains clean is important and how this can be done effectively. This is why most experts recommend the use of hydrojetting to help clear any matter that is stuck in the drain.

Hydrojetting is done by the use of a hydro jet, which is a powerful machine that is designed to offer a powerful thrust when inserted in clogged pipes. This pressure, therefore, helps to push any matter that is stuck at any point in the pipe. The hydro jet is attached to hose, which snakes down into the pipes, releasing hot water at a very high pressure. Using hot water not only helps to clear any clogs, but also wipes all organic deposits that are stuck in the pipe.

What are the benefits of hydrojetting?

Thorough cleaning

As highlighted above, using this method to clean a clogged drain can be one of the most effective methods as far as keeping home drainage system clean is concerned. This technique uses hot water at high pressure, something that ensures that any traces of matter that are stuck in the pipe are wiped out easily.

Minimal risk of damage

Using a snake wire or certain chemicals to clean home drainage system can lead to damage of the pipes. However, the hydro jet uses pure water that is free from chemicals and is released at a pressure that cannot damage the drainage system.

Effective residue removal

Hydrojetting has proved to effectively clear mud, ice, grease and sand residues that have been deposited in the pipe. Using other methods to clean pipes may leave these substances intact, but the hydro jet offers a permanent solution.

Expelling bacteriaLakeland Plumber

The presence of bacteria in the drainage system of any home could pose a risk to the health of the family. Using the hydro jet to clean pipes expels all bacteria from the drain, something that leaves a healthy atmosphere.


One of the benefits of using hydrojetting is the financial advantages that come with the technique. Cleaning once in a year can suffice. The process is also cheaper compared to other chemical methods.

If you suspect a build-up in your lines, don't hesitate to schedule hydrojetting services. Call (863) 509-1718 and let Samco Plumbing clear the pipes of your Lakeland area home.