If You Can't Stand The Heat Lower It!

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Hot water is a very useful thing to have on hand at all times. Taking a long, hot bath can help anyone feel warmer even on a cold winter day. Hot water can also help remove stubborn stains from dishes as well as clothing. Having hot water on hand can help warm up the entire house and make it feel more welcoming during the fall.

However, while hot water can be a very important and pleasant amenity to have on hand, it may also be slightly more expensive than a homeowner may have expected. A homeowner may find that it makes sense to look for ways to save hot water and reduce heating cost. Fortunately, this can be easily accomplished with a few simple tricks.

Check the Temperature!

The first thing a homeowner should do is check the temperature of their existing water heater. Water heaters are easy to find in most homes. They are usually stored in the house's basement area. Water heaters can be adjusted to the owner's preferences.

Lowering the maximum heat on the water heater to one hundred and twenty degrees can help reduce heating bills. This temperature is the temperature that most people find is hot enough to suit their needs but not so hot as to pose a threat of potential burns or overheating to the user.

Insulation Installation

Another useful thing that homeowners can do to reduce hot water use and energy bills is to install a blanket around the body of the water heater. This will help conserve energy and still retain heat. Such blankets are widely available at a nominal cost that can be easily recouped within a short period of time. Installation can be done easily even by homeowners with no prior experience.

The same principle also applies to any existing pipes that lead from the owner's water heater. Many such pipes are plain pipes with no covering where water can leak out and cause a loss of hot water and other problems to the surrounding part of the house.

A homeowner can take proactive action by purchasing insulation for the pipes. Installation can be wrapped around any pipes that lead from the water heater to other parts of the house. The insulation will help the owner of the house save money and avoid losing any further hot water. Inexpensive and simple to use pipe insulation is available in many hardware stores across the country.

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