Water Heater Repair

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As a professional in water heater repair and installation I have noticed a change in the way water is heated and moved around a home or business in recent years, particularly through the use of tankless water heaters that are ecologically friendly.

Despite the monetary savings available with the installation of tankless styles the majority of homes still use a traditional storage water heater.

One of the main improvements made to the water heater choices has been in the solar water heaters that our company has been installing in recent years, which can provide an abundant and free source of hot water for any home.

How do water heaters work?

Understanding how water heaters work and making the correct decision about which option to buy is something our company takes very seriously and tries to guide our clients through. In sunny and warm areas we often recommend the use of a solar heater, which can include a pump designed to pass the water around a solar panel throughout the day and night to prevent freezing.

Most solar water heaters include a backup heater powered by either gas or electricity to keep the water passing through the storage tank at the correct level. We have seen a rise in the number of tankless water heater systems in recent years as homeowners look to lower their bills by only heating the water passing through a small tank that is located close to the faucet or appliance being used.

Finally, the traditional storage water heater remains popular for those who heat large amounts of water and hold them in the tank ready for use at any time as the water is constantly heated to the correct temperature.

Where to use each type of water heater?

Solar water heaters can be a good option for those who are looking to only heat small amounts of water on a regular basis and live with direct access to sunlight. Storage water heaters have been popular for many years and we still see these installed on the most regular basis as replacements, with the large amounts of water heated and stored making this the perfect choice for a large home with many residents.

An on demand or tankless system can be a good option for providing energy savings and low runoff levels for smaller homes or to rooms far from a larger storage water heater.

Your Lakeland home deserves a great water heater. Call Duane Blanton Plumbing at (863) 509-1718 to get the hot water running right!

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