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Get Rid That Nasty Kitchen Smell With One Call


My Disposer Smells Really Bad

A garbage disposal is a great way to get rid of soft foods that you don't want to throw into the garbage. Using the garbage disposal as opposed to a garbage bag, can help save on costs, and is more convenient for those who use it. The problem with a garbage disposal is that sometimes it can cause a foul odor that will go through the kitchen, and sometimes smell up the entire home. The smell is usually from food particles that are rotting inside the garbage disposal.

When the garbage disposal is running, sometimes the food particles are cut up very small, and end up on the underside of the splash guard. This food that is left behind, or food that has not completely drained away through the garbage disposal; begins to smell badly, especially after it grows bacteria, or begins to rot. There are several ways to prevent this from happening, but once you already have the problem, you may need to call a plumber to get rid of the smell.

What Can A Plumber Do To Get Rid Of It?

Many people would be disgusted if they were to take apart a garbage disposal, and see what is really inside. A plumber is a great alternative to taking apart the disposal yourself, and cleaning the inside. A plumber can get rid of the smell by cleaning the inside of the disposal, and making sure that it is draining properly.

If the food particles are not draining out of the garbage disposal in a proper manner, the plumber can fix the drainage, and allow for the food to pass through. If you want the disposer cleaned correctly, and to get rid of the smell, hiring a plumber is a wise decision.

What Shouldn't I Put Into My Disposer?

A disposer can only handle certain items that go into it, and you should be careful what you choose to dump down in there. Bones of any kind, have no place inside of a garbage disposal. If you accidentally break a piece of glass, and it gets into the disposal, fetch it out as quickly as possible, as this can damage the disposal. Large pieces of food should not be dumped into the disposal, especially if they are solid and nature. If you carelessly dump anything into your disposal, you risk damaging it.

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