Keep Repairs At Bay


Nothing can quite compare to moving into a brand new house. You can pretty much guarantee that you will avoid home repairs for some time. However that new home eventually requires new flooring, roof work and over time, re-piping as things will no longer work as they did.

How Do I Know If I Need a Re-piping Job or a Pip Repair Job?

How old a home is can play a big factor in determining if a re-pipe job is needed. A home that is over 60 years old is a prime candidate for a repiping. Another scenario would be if the water has a red tint immediately as you turn the kitchen or bathroom faucet. Even if the red tint goes away after a few seconds and goes back to clear water, it still may indicate that your pipes may need re-piping work. Another sign to keep checking for is the water pressure.

For instance, notice whether the water takes longer to fill up the washing machine than it normally does. Also if the water pressure flowing out from the shower is poor, this could indicate a leak. This sign could be due to a breakdown of materials such as metals which is stuck in pipes throughout the years, leading to a required re-pipe job.

Will This Affect My Daily Home Routine?

The only tasks to prepare for prior to a re-piping job is to be sure that any walls are cleared off, in addition to closets, under a sink or any area that must be cut to prepare for the new pipe. Usually the main water valve is tuned off while the work is being accomplished, but a knowledgeable company that provides swift service can ease the process and ensure that your home is taken care of quickly.

How Long Does a Re-piping Job Take?

A re-pipe job may take about four days to complete but when it is done, you will be left with improved water pressure performance and no pipes that leak.
Of course home plumbing is usually taken for granted because we don’t see it as pipes hide behind walls and our ground! But when something is not working as it usually does, than we tend to appreciate our easy water system! So don’t neglect any signs that indicate a needed repipe!

Not sure if you need a repiping job or a pipe repair job in your Lakeland home? Call Samco Plumbing Inc at (863) 509-1718 today, and get the right answers from the experts.

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