How Long Does A Bathroom Repipe Take?


Whether it is a renovation or an age issue when it comes to the bathroom, there is going to be a time that a homeowner needs to think about repiping. A house that remains uninhabited will probably not be an issue. On the other hand, it is only natural for a task such as this one to demand that the water supply be interrupted. Obviously, the residents will want to know ahead of time how long they should expect to be without bathroom services.

Before the project even began, customers will be advised of the length of time they should expect to be inconvenienced. The duration of your repiping project will take is usually based on the size of the house, and the amount of bathrooms involved. Unless a complication arises, you should expect your repiping to be completed in one day.

Customers with larger homes may be looking at a two to a three-day window before they have a complete return to normalcy. There is a lot that goes into a repiping project, not to mention using the correct materials to meet with state guidelines. If the repiping has been completed on the same day, the homeowner should expect to receive their water supply before our plumbers leave the property.

Many homeowners are concerned about the disruption to other areas of their habitation. We believe in providing our customers with ample notice to prepare themselves. It would be a great idea to fill up containers with water and save it for emergency use only. Because there will be no possibility of flushing, the homeowner would do well to make friends with the neighbor. Spending the day at the beach or at a friend's house would work just as well too.

The inconvenience of a repiping project should never be experienced by our customers. With that in mind you should expect to be notified of our progress at every step of the game. If, for some reason, the repiping project has to be extended past the time we promised, we will do everything in our power to ensure that the inconvenience is limited to the shortest possible time.

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