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The Secret To Finding Leaks In Your Lakeland Home

leak detection

There is no such thing as a minor water leak in your Lakeland home. Even a slight water leak brings with it the potential to do a lot of damage. Water warps and rots wood. Moisture can lead to the development of mold. Impossible to remove stains manifest in walls and ceilings.

Again, water does a lot of harm to things it comes in contact with. The major trouble here is not every leak is easy to find or clearly visible. So, homeowners do have to up to snuff on the steps necessary to detect leaks. The following three ways could help with the cause:

Check the Water Meter

Anyone who suspects there may be a leak in the home should look at the water meter. The water meter is going to reveal how much water usage is occurring. Newer water meters will have a leak indicator. If the leak indicator is moving, this means a leak is occurring somewhere in the home. You might not know exactly where the leak is, but the presence of the leak will clearly be confirmed by the movement on the indicator. Older water meters are not useless in terms of being able to use them to check for leaks. Homeowners may have to do a little more research to figure out how to read the meter to look for indications of leaks.

Sinking Floor Boards

Upon stepping on a floor board, the board should always be firm. A floor board that sinks is one that has probably been weakened by water damage. A leak is surely present. The really bad news here is the leak has probably been occurring without anything stopping it for some time. Hence, the floor boards have now rotted and cannot support weight well.

Contact a Plumber

It goes without saying that no matter how major or minor a leak is, a Lakeland plumber has to be called to fix things right away.

Listen for Hissing Sounds

As water comes out of a small hole in a pipe or valve, there may be an accompanying hissing sound. The sound may be slight, but the low volume of the sound still should be troubling. After all, there should not be any sounds whatsoever. If no punctures existed in the plumbing, then there would be no escaping water nor any hissing. Cut off any other source of noise in a room in which a mysterious hissing sound is emerging.

Then, focus like a laser on where the sound is coming from. This should lead to the discovery of the leak. Again, do not dismiss any odd or weird sounds. Doing so could prove to be a huge mistake.

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