Defeat Slab Leaks With These 3 Tips


What's the hidden plumbing danger that can damage your property and leave you with a sky-high bill? A slab leak can be a Lakeland homeowner's worst nightmare, spewing water in secret until floors are warped and pocketbooks are bare. But an ounce of prevention can help to keep floors level and bills low!

Slab Leaks: The Enemy Within

When pipes underneath your concrete foundation begin to leak, you've got a slab leak. You've also got a problem that will take a professional, or several professionals, a lot of time and effort to fix- and that means money.

Because the leak occurs beneath the floor of your home, it often goes undetected for far longer than a leak that occurred elsewhere. Your first clue might be water bills that leave you fuming, or water pressure that leaves you dry.

But it's far better to prevent slab leaks than to fix them, and here's your guide to doing just that:

Be Kind to Your Pipes

Harsh chemicals like drain cleaners can corrode fragile pipes and leave them vulnerable to leaks. While it might be tempting to try and clear clogs through chemical means, your best bet is to call a licensed plumber. In addition, many of the chemicals in chemical clog busters are dangerous, and can be harmful to more than just your pipes.

Keep Your pH Balanced

If you have "hard" or "soft" water, you have may have the recipe for a slab leak. pH is a measurement of the acidity of water. "Hard" water is acidic, and "soft" water is not. If your water's pH falls in the extreme ranges, your pipes can suffer. A licensed plumber can analyze your home's water to gauge its pH and help you craft a plan to keep your pipes safe.

Watch the Pressure

Everyone loves a nice, steaming, high-pressure shower. But if your pipes are narrow or delicate, that shower could end up costing you more than a water bill. Pressure that's too high for your pipes is a great way to end up with a slab leak- so be careful! A Lakeland plumber can help you determine the ideal water pressure for the pipes in your home.

Slab leaks are inconvenient, expensive, and complicated. Be smart. Don't let a slab leak happen to you!

Don't let a slab leak destroy your Lakeland, FL home! Call SAMCO Plumbing at (863) 509-1718 to get it fixed.

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