You May Have A Leak And Not Even Know It!

leak repair

A plumbing leak can elevate your water bills, lead to foundation problems and even aggravate allergies. Many leaks are hidden, so it is important for Lakeland homeowners to be vigilant and to watch for signs of a leak.

1. Mold And Mildew

It is common to see mold and mildew in the corners of your shower but if you notice mold or mildew in an unusual place, that is typically a sign that even more mold or mildew lurks on the inside of the wall.

Typically this mold or mildew is the result of a leaky pipe. Always check near faucets, toilets and other fixtures to see if mold or mildew is present. If you suffer from allergies it is crucial to try to eliminate mold in your home.

2. Bubbling Paint Or Wallpaper

If you notice that the wall seems to have a bubble or bulge underneath the paint or wallpaper in your bathroom, there is most likely water behind it. Steam from the shower should not produce this result.

3. Ceiling Stains or Sags

If you live in an apartment or two story home, look to see if the ceiling shows water stains or visible sagging. A ceiling stain can identify that the bathroom upstairs has a leak.

But do not just observe the ceiling underneath bathrooms, water stains and sags can be visible in a number of unexpected places. Bear in mind that water travels a great distance through your plumbing.

4. Cooler Room

If you have a room in your Lakeland house that seems inexplicably cooler than all the other rooms, it might not be just your imagination. Water extracts heat at a much faster rate than air extracts heat. A leak that exists in the ceiling, wall or floor will ensure that a room is much cooler than other rooms in the house.

5. Higher Water Bills

If your water bills are higher and you do not recall utilizing a larger amount of water, you might be suffering from a leak. If you have not made any changes to you routine, a leaky pipe could be to blame.

Hidden leaks can be a nuisance. The longer these leaks go unchecked the greater problems they can cause. If you suspect a leak, a plumber can identify the source and solve the problem so that you do not have to pay the cost of foundational problems or high water bills.

Don't be submerged by the water in your Lakeland, FL home. Call Samco Plumbing at (863) 509-1718 today, and get that water leak repaired now!

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