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Make Sure Your Water Supply Is Safe


Preventing backflow can save lives, but ironically, more people than not have no idea what backflow is and how it occurs. In a normal water supply, the water is maintained at a pressure that allows it to continually flow from the shower or tap.

If the pressure is reduced or even absent, the water that was intended to go in one direction, reverses goes the other way. This is extremely dangerous because of the high probability of contamination of the water used for drinking.

It is possible that the problem is isolated in the home or it can actually be an issue with the water supply in the city. Regardless of origin, if not checked, the effects can be detrimental to one's health.


Water contamination from backflow can happen in the home when there is reduced pressure at the water sources. Prime examples of possible locations are as follows:

Bathroom: Hand-held shower heads and toilets.

Kitchen: Garbage disposals and dishwashers.

Facets: Any facet that a hose can be attached as it can create a vacuum and then cause backflow of the water into the home.

Homes that use well water are at risk if there is runoff from contaminated ground water.


Flushing of the city's water lines or use of water by firefighters.

A break in the city's water lines can cause contamination.


Ensuring a contaminant-free water supply is vital for staying healthy. Backflow testing and prevention guarantee the cleanliness of drinking for everyone. Having an issue with backflow is a very serious problem and it mandates appropriate testing to catch any potential issues that could be happening.

Performing annual testing can prevent backflow from occurring. Everyone needs to do their part when it comes to ensuring the purity of the drinking water for their families. Installing a backflow device is an effective way to prevent backflow from entering the home, but keep in mind that it needs to be tested on a yearly basis by a certified backflow specialist.

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