What Should I Do In Case Of A Plumbing Emergency?


When you least expect it the plumbing in your home may fail. Any one of a number of causes may be to blame from a loose fitting to a split pipe or backed up drain. If a plumbing emergency should occur in your house or business are you prepared to take action in order to minimize damage that leaking water can cause? Not knowing what steps to take in the initial moments of a plumbing emergency can be costly in terms of water damage to walls, floors and furnishings.

The first action to take is to locate the main water valve which allows the flow of water from the source into the structure. Ideally, every member of the household or company should be familiar with the location of the main valve and how it works. The valve should be clearly labeled and the 'open' and 'closed' positions easily visible as well. In the event of a plumbing failure, this is the valve that must be turned off, or closed in order to stop the flow of water through the damaged plumbing.

Once you have turned off the source of the water, immediately call your local, knowledgeable plumbing professionals. Trained and certified professional plumbers are familiar and experienced with every aspect of residential, commercial or industrial plumbing technology. They are able to quickly identify the problem and have the materials, tools and expertise to repair or replace the failed parts.

Mop up and dry all visible water in the area of the plumbing emergency. If water is suspected to be behind a wall or seeping into flooring, place fans in the area in order to speed drying and prevent further damage from mold or mildew forming in the dampened area.

The timely consult of plumbing professionals can prevent thousands of dollars in potential damage. The interruption of water service is not only a significant inconvenience, it can also result in the loss of business revenue. Professional plumbers bring a benefit to solving your plumbing emergency that goes beyond the immediate problem. For quality resolution to your plumbing emergency, call the professionals.

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