Why Is My Drain Clogged?


If you live in an older home, you will probably at some point have to deal with tree roots getting into your sewer lines. There are many things that cause this to happen, but during drought trees will reach for the closest source of water they can find. Though it is a common nuisance, it happens all the time. There are chemicals that can be poured down the toilet to kill tree roots, but when dealing with the main sewer lines, it can be a difficult repair or replacement issue.

Confirming The Problem: If your home is having problems with sewer clogs, you need to identify the source of the issue. Just because you think tree roots doesn’t mean it is the only possible answer. By determining where the main sewer line is, it is easy to see if there are any trees close by. Tree roots have the ability to travel several hundreds of feet, so that must be taken into consideration.

All homes that were built before 1970 will have clay sewer lines. The newer PVC pipes don’t have an issue with tree roots. The older homes may or may not have had problems in the past and could have sections that have been replaced. PVC is the new standard in the industry. If your home has clay piping and there are trees within a 30 foot radius, any clogs can be safe to say is from the roots.

When To Call A Professional: If you have problems with flushing toilets or running the garbage disposal, you may have a problem. If sewage is coming up through the bathtub, you have sewer issue. Sewage is not something to mess around with, as it is dangerous. A pipe can collapse when tree roots invade. A plumber carries what is called a bore scope and can see exactly where the problem is. They may be able to offer advice on how to handle the problem without great expense. The sewers are never something that should be handled by someone with no experience. Call a plumber and have the peace of mind to know that it is being handled properly. A home is a large investment, and making sure repairs are done right is priceless.

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