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How Do Chemical Drain Cleaners Work?


The temptation to use chemical drain cleaning solutions is always a big one when you feel like you can simply shove them down the pipes and avoid having to call in your local plumber. These chemicals are hard on your pipes and will quickly break them down as well as clearing them out so while they might have been a quick fix to the problem for now you'll soon find yourself needing new pipes which becomes a much more expensive fix than if you had just called your plumber to begin with. Chemical drain cleaners often explode as well if used incorrectly and no one needs that mess cleaned up.

A plumber will come in and clean your pipes out carefully by hand using the particular tools he needs for your specific cleaning, making sure to be as delicate as necessary and ensuring that your pipes come out spotless and doing little to no damage to them overall. While a plumber might take a day or two to show up and maybe a couple hours doing your job the plumber is guaranteed to do a world of a better job and be much less expensive for you in the long run. You may even have to call the plumber regardless if you use drain cleaner since if they explode or blow your pipes some other way that particular time you'll end up needing them completely repaired.

It is always better to leave cleaning of important and fragile objects to professionals. If you attempt to do things like cleaning a drain by yourself you should make sure you understand the risks involved and have some idea of proper procedure rather than trying to rely on magic in a bottle to cure your problems as those bottles often come with a price. Call your local plumber today and have your pipes fixed tomorrow at a cheap price rather than using drain today and installing new pipes tomorrow.

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