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Inform Yourself Before A Disaster Occurs!

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Slab leaks are unfortunately common and can be a big issue for those who have to deal with them. Luckily, a lot is known about slab leaks and they can be fixed as long as the victim of a slab leak reacts quickly. The first thing to understand is what causes the leak in the first place.

What Causes A Slab Leak?

There is a pretty simple answer to this one. A slab leak is generally caused by clay building up underneath the surface. That clay causes problems because it expands when it gets wet, and this can cause pressure on the pipes that are laid underneath. Those pipes may then burst, and that is enough to cause the leak in a lot of cases. As soon as this problem is identified there are steps that should be taken to try to clear it up.

How Do I Know If I Have A Slab Leak?

A slab leak gives off a lot of signs. There are many things that point towards a slab leak, and each one of them is important to take a look at. The more that one knows about the slab leak that they are attempting to deal with, the better that they can handle said leak.

One of the signs would be the sound of water running when you know that you have turned off all sources of water in the house. This would mean that one of the pipes is spewing water underneath the surface of the house, and that can be a very serious problem indeed. As such, things like this should be carefully examined. There is a chance that water is building up under the surface.

Another sign would be an unusually high water bill. This of course would mean that water is running when it is not supposed to be.

How Long Will A Repair Take?

A repair of a slab leak could take about two days so long as there are steps taken to take care of the leak as soon as it is made obvious that such a leak exists. Again, the sooner that one acts upon the leak, the faster that it can be handled. Typically, the two day rule for managing the leak is all that will be needed to take care of it. Beyond that, it is just a matter of how badly the leak has gotten.

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