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To DIY Or Not To DIY


At one time or another, most folks in the neighborhood where they live have seen the colored markings (usually yellow, orange and white) on the street in front of a home and recognize that it can only mean one of two things. Both of which could present bad news for the homeowner. In this case we're talking sewer replacement here, people. You know, possibly major excavation resulting in removal of trees, shrubs, lawns, driveways, and concrete surfaces to mention a few.

Point A To Point B 

Trenching from A to B can not only be disruptive, but expensive as well. Considerable time and cost? Let us count the ways. Yes, who knows what evil lurks under that lawn. Unforeseen obstacles encountered in the course of excavating can be easy or a monolithic surprise to your property and pocketbook. So, what is the solution, you say? Well, it's not your Uncle Bob telling you not to worry. He's got a shovel and small backhoe and can save you money. But, hold on, folks! Uncle Bob isn't the solution. A trenchless sewer repair is the correct answer.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement!

Fact: Trenchless sewer replacements do NOT require a major excavation of your property. Yes, your plumbing company professionals will be quick to remind you that there will be some strategically placed holes dug, but it won't even come close to the damage, disturbance and disruption you would suffer through using the "old fashioned let's-dig-it-up gang" method.

How It All Works

A trenchless sewer replacement uses the existing damaged lateral as a guiding hand for the new pipe installation. A cone-shaped "bursting head" is inserted into the damaged pipe with the new pipe riding shotgun to the back of it. And if you're concerned about what happens to the old busted-up pipe, it becomes a pillow for the newly installed pipe. This new lateral is "code approved" as well. It's also leak-proof, root-proof, and, according to the manufacturer, is designed to have a 100 year lifespan. All that said, you don't have to have a College Degree in plumbing to understand how to eliminate a long, frustrating, stressful and expensive nightmare into something a whole lot more comfortable. Your plumber simply identifies the problem by sewer camera, access the sewer line, and inserts the new pipe saying adios to the old friend; saving time and money for all concerned homeowners.

Instead of considering a trenchless sewer repair on your own, leave this type of work to Samco Plumbing. Hiring a professional can help you to preserve your property and your money, call us today at (863) 509-1718 for quality services in Lakeland.