Don't Suffer With Cold Showers Anymore! Get A New Water Heater


For many homeowners choosing a new water heater is a daunting task, with new models, styles, energy options and tank sizes there are almost as many water heaters as there is homes. To find the right heater for your home you’ll want to consult with a professional. A do-it-yourself project will undoubtedly put you in a worse situation.

What Factors Should I Consider?

There are two basic types of heaters: Storage tank heaters and tank-less—storage tank heaters are your most traditional water heater you’ll want to select a tank size that is suitable to your family and home. The water is heated within the tank and then distributed to the house as needed.

Choosing the right tank size and recovery rate is important to enjoying hot water throughout your home. Tank-less heaters heat the water as it flows through coils producing a steady stream of hot water. Tank-less heaters can only heat so much water per minute so they’re good for homes that don’t need a lot of water at once.

There are downsides to both types tank-less heaters are not ideal for larger families who use water at the same time. Tank heaters can be less efficient and take a long time to refill if a large amount of water is used at once.

Every family and home is different – some large families with differing schedules will love the tank-less heaters, other smaller families who all have to get ready at the same time will opt for a large tank. That’s why it’s so important to ask your local professional which models are available in your area and what will work before for your home.

How Often Does a Water Heater Need Maintenance? 

No matter which style of hot water heater you choose you’ll need regular maintenance preforms to keep it at peak condition. Scheduling regular maintenance on your heater every year is an important step to keeping your investment in excellent condition.

Large families may find they need more regular maintenance up to twice a year. A professional will be able to check the connections to your heater, drain the tank, clean the interior and replace damaged parts.

Doing some research on a new water heater for your Lakeland home? Call Samco Plumbing at (863) 509-1718 today, and get the proper insight on your new water heater choice.

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