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How Should I Handle A Plumbing Emergency?

broken pipe

When it comes to stressful events that can occur around the home, plumbing emergencies are at the top of the proverbial list. Homeowners as well as those who rent may potentially have a wide variety of problems and damages to contend with during plumbing emergencies, depending on the severity of the situation. Whether you are living in a newer home or an older home, it is always a wise idea to know the basics of how to best handle an emergency plumbing situation.

Because plumbing emergencies so often lead to leaking or busted pipes, the first step in handling these situations is shutting off the water supply to the residence. Shutting water supply at the main is the most preferable approach in virtually all emergencies of this sort, but for some, this course of action is not available. People who live in apartments or condominiums are not likely to have the option of shutting down the main to the complex where they live, but there should still be water lines within their homes that they can shut down. In the best case scenario, shutting water lines off from within a home will suffice until work can be done to the plumbing. However, in worst case scenarios, a water main located outside a residence will have to be shut off until repairs are completed.

Unless you have the time, equipment and knowledge to repair plumbing problems, the next step in dealing with a plumbing emergency is calling a plumber. Of course, if you are a renter, you will likely have to deal with notifying your landlord as well as a plumber. Even if your plumbing problems seem like they are mild enough to tackle on your own, you should still strongly consider calling a plumbing professional as opposed to possibly making your plumbing problems more severe. Plumbing systems need to properly fit and sealed together or the plumbing of a home will only suffer further degradation over time, which will likely lead to a plumbing catastrophe instead of just a plumbing emergency.

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