What Is The Difference Between Tank And Tankless Water Heaters?

water going in drain

Most plumbing companies might suggest you solve the ongoing conundrum of the difference between the "old guy" on the block water heater vs the relatively "new kid" that goes by the name tankless water heater. Just simply use the pros and cons method of each. Of course to make it an even game, you'll be required to eschew the "comments" other users and buyers will be quick to toss in the mix. At least these facts will speak for themselves.

PROS: Well you knew this comment was coming. Lower costs to operate and increased energy efficiency along with an extended "lifespan" should put a smile on your face. And saving money over the long term could be the "key" word with a tankless water heater. With a tankless you won't be wasting money like a traditional tank that just sits around in your basement or closet waiting for some clue that some person needs hot water. Also consider that your tankless should still be a faithful companion in your home or office for at least 20 years. Oh, don't forget about the space savings. Tankless measures 20 inches wide, 28 inches tall and 10 inches deep which is about the size of a large computer.

CONS: You won't get as much water storage in a tankless like you do with a tradition water heater. Plus new traditional heaters storing up to 60 gallons of water are so efficient and reheat quickly so you'll have it when you need it. A tankless has a throughout limit that could be bad news for large family needs. Cost is another factor to consider. Tankless can dig into your pocket looking for a $1,000 dollar bill if you choose the top-of-the-line. Yet taking the "cheap" path, some will cost around $400 or less. But then if you toss in the energy factor along the way, perhaps paying that "upfront" money isn't all that bad.

So it's you're choice and your plumbing company can always help you with choices and information and plenty of suggestions to assist in clearing up any confusion.

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