Why Does My Kitchen Smell Funny?

garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are an extremely convenient way to remove kitchen waste and keep the kitchen sanitized. In a typical kitchen without a garbage disposal, kitchen waste must be carefully scraped into the trash. Often, busy families do not have the time needed to scrape their plates after a meal and end up leaving the plates in the sink. Food particles are often washed into the kitchen sink and allowed to build up. Sitting food is disgusting to deal with and can block the strainer causing the sink to fill with water. In addition, food forced through the strainer may eventually clog the drain pipe, which must often be unclogged by a professional plumber.

Food left sitting in the sink or even in the trash can, may attract fruit flies, ants, roaches and even cats and dogs. Outside trash may also attract skunks, bear and other animals foraging for food. By simply installing a garbage disposal and placing food waste down the disposal, the kitchen is cleaner and unwanted animals are not encouraged to come near the house. Another advantage of installing a garbage disposal is the elimination of odors. Food left sitting in the trash will rot, smell bad and become a bacterial breeding area. The installation and use of a garbage disposal will not only leave the kitchen looking and smelling better, but eliminate germs as well. Garbage disposals are not only good for the kitchen, but the environment as well. Keeping food waste out the landfills is beneficial to us all.

An extra benefit to owning a garbage disposal will become obvious when you are ready to place your home up for sale. Many prospective buyers require a garbage disposal when searching for a home. Garbage disposals provide convenience and cleanliness and are considered an upgraded feature when selling your home. 

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