Why Purchase A Water Softener?


Persons living in areas with extremely hard water often ask if a water softener system would be worth the cost. A simple answer to this frequently asked question is "Yes." Any water that contains excess minerals is hard water. The most common minerals found in hard water are calcium and iron. A water softening system will remove or dilute the offending minerals. There are many direct benefits to having a water softener installed at your home. To name just a few, here are some proven examples.

Washing Machines: Washing clothes and dishes in hard water may result in visible streaks and white spots. Using soft water requires less soap than hard water, and that alone saves money. 

Personal Hygiene: Your skin and hair will look and feel cleaner when washed in soft water. 

Appliance Life: A water softening system will make expensive appliances last longer. The minerals in hard water build up on the inside of your clothes washer, dish washer, water heater, and even your coffee pot. This mineral buildup shortens the life of any appliance and the soft water will extend the usable lifetime of the appliance saving money. 

Water Heaters: Soft water is easier to heat than mineral laden hard water. Studies prove that using soft water in your home increases the efficiency of your gas water heater by 29 percent, and electric water heaters by 22 percent. This cost savings alone can add up to a substantial sum every year. 

Plumbing System: Mineral deposits in hard water are extremely hard on your entire plumbing system. The minerals build up in your pipes and even in your faucets reducing water flow. Allowing these minerals to build up in your homes plumbing system resulting in clogs and corrosion can be very expensive. Using soft water in your home will reduce or eliminate this problem. 

Our company can test your water and offer advice on the proper and most cost efficient system for your home.  Thinking about installing a water softener system in your Plant City home? Call Samco Plumbing at (863) 509-1718 and schedule a service call today!

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