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Why Is My Garbage Disposal Not Working?

garbage disposal

Your garbage disposal may not rate high when compared to other kitchen gadgets you can’t live without but it may be one of the most important devices in your kitchen. A functional garbage disposal unit in the kitchen can play an integral part in preventing problems with your home’s overall plumbing system. Kitchen clogs are a common occurrence and are usually caused by food waste getting lodged in the drain and collecting subsequent debris. The clog can eventually work its way through the smaller kitchen pipes and into the central drainpipes, which is inconvenient and often costly. A garbage disposal is a basically a food processor that dices chunks of food waste into small bits that can easily pass through your plumbing system without clogging the pipes.

Your garbage disposal requires very little maintenance but can sometimes become jammed and inoperable. The most common reason for garbage disposal jamming is improper use such as grinding up non-food items and lack of adequate water flush during and after solids. The blades of your disposal are not meant for plastic, metal or even paper and these items should never be run through the disposal. Even some food items such as meat bones, eggshells and particularly fibrous vegetables will jam your disposal and damage blades. Grease can also jam up your garbage disposal blades, as it tends to solidify as it cools.

The key for preventing problems with your disposal system is by avoiding the most common reasons for garbage disposal jams. Always run water before, during and after grinding foods. Don’t place non-food items in the disposal. Even paper towels and coffee filters can cause a build-up and jam the unit. Avoid using the disposal for food items such as bones, shells or stringy vegetables and never dispose of grease through your garbage disposal.

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