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What Should I Do Before Buying A Home?

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Many houses have plumbing installed incorrectly from the beginning. Sometimes it is because the plumber was lazy, but other times it is because the contractor tried to do the plumbing themselves. In older homes the plumbing may be outdated, and in really old homes the galvanized steel pipping may be rusting from the inside out. There may be other problems with the plumbing including an inappropriate angle for sewage lines which could make a huge mess under an individuals house. There are three main reasons to get a plumbing inspection when purchasing a house.

The first reason to get a plumbing inspection is because it is significantly less costly than having to repair a problem later if something goes wrong. Emergency plumbing tends to be a cost that most homeowners do not want to have to deal with. Plumbing issues can also lead to water damage and foundation issues caused by leaky pipes. These issues can often be avoided by having a plumbing specialist inspect your house before any thing goes wrong. Re-plumbing your house in an emergency situation is much more expensive than repairing the potential problem spots before they cause any major issues.

The second reason to get a plumbing inspection in a new home is so that you do not have to deal with the hazard of leaking sewage. Leaking sewage can cause many other problems. It generally creates a stench throughout the entire dwelling, and can cause people to get sick. Depending on how bad it is it can also be a pain to clean up. Sewage pipes can get backed up because they are not created with a sufficient drop. this is something that a plumbing inspection would be able to discover and fix.

The third reason to get a plumbing inspection when purchasing a new home is so that you can fix any issues with your hot water lines. If hot water lines are not properly maintained and insulated you can be wasting energy heating water, only to have it become cold by the time it arrives at the tap. A leaky hot water line not only wastes water but also energy.

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