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Keep Up With The Latest Trends


Bathroom design continues to push the boundaries on energy efficiency and creative design. If you are looking for some unique ideas that will not only help save you money on water this year but transform the look of the bathroom, consider some of these top 5 bathroom remodeling trends of 2015.

1. Hand Held Showers

Standing under a flow of water from a traditional shower head is a tremendous waste of water. The majority of the water flowing from the shower head goes right down the drain, and you are paying for every drop that is wasted. The latest trend for the bathroom this year is incorporating a hand held shower head, perfect for reaching each part of your body easily without the need to waste gallons of water in the process.

2. Walk In Showers

If you have not taken a bath in some time, consider using the area for a more spacious walk in shower. These showers can be designed to match the decor of the bathroom, and reduce the need for shower doors or curtains. This all equals less cleaning and more time to focusing on other things in life.

3. Low Flow Toilet

The new toilet designs are not only appealing to the eye, they use a fraction of the water to do the exact same job as the traditional toilet. These toilets are more efficient and utilize less water, resulting in a huge reduction in your water consumption each year. These toilets come in a variety of styles and colors, perfect for any decor in the bathroom.

4. Heated Flooring

During the coldest time of the year, getting into the bathroom in the morning can be extremely uncomfortable when those tile floors are ice cold. Rather than heating the entire house just to make the bathroom more comfortable, consider installing a heated bathroom floor instead. You can isolate the heat to one room, and within minutes have a comfortable surface to walk on.

5. Double Basin Vanity

Speed up time in the bathroom by allowing two people to use the sink area at the same time when you install a new double basin vanity. This is the perfect solution for families with several children, all needing to be ready for school at the same time. No more waiting in line for the bathroom sink with a double basin vanity installed.

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