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How To Handle A Plumbing Emergency


If you are on the same list as thousands before you, readers will commiserate with your discovering and stepping in two inches of water on your bathroom floor a 2 am in the morning that introduces you to your own plumbing emergency conundrum.

Oh sure, you can often handle some plumbing emergencies on your own, but knowing tips that actually work, will help you stall the emergency problem until your experienced plumber arrives.

Whether your plumbing emergency is residential or commercial you should have the name of a local plumbing company service who answers calls after-hours handy at all times, just in case.

Is It Necessary To Call Out The "Emergency Plumber?"

Well, emergencies of all kind can happen in the home and one of the most damaging is a plumbing emergency. Of course it's always worth having some minor supplies on hand, but nothing will replace the experienced plumber. But with a dab of knowledge on your own you might be able to get by without using a 24-hour emergency plumbing service. And yes, emergency plumbers do work on a round-the-clock call out.

What To Do FIRST!

Shut off water, gas and/or electric lines that feed the fixture, appliance, or area of the home or business that is causing the problem. However, one of the headaches that can arise in this situation is not knowing where various valves or switches are located. Ergo, after your plumber has solved your initial emergency, for future reference, ask them to install "colored tags" that clearly label each valve or switch.

The Usual "Emergency" Suspects!

* Leaking or broken pipes. Shut off the main valve to your property. It's usually next to the water meter outside.

* Leaking faucets. The shut off valve is under the faucet. But do not use a wrench to force the valve. If it will not shut off, go to the main valve to the entire property and shut it off.

* Plugged Drain. Eschew any type of chemical drain stuff. Use a plunger and if that doesn't work, call your plumber first thing in the morning.

*Leaking/running toilet. Check the inside of the tank to see if the flapper is hung up. With older toilets it's an ongoing problem. Have your plumbing company install new toilets.

Note: When calling local 24-hour emergency-service, give pertinent details, ask for a quote, then put their phone number on your refrigerator door.

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