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Should I Hire A Plumber To Remodel A Kitchen?


Remodeling a kitchen is a wonderful way to improve both the value and function of your home. Many do-it-yourself type homeowners like to take on remodeling projects, forgoing hiring a professional plumber to save money, even for the complicated parts of the projects. However, jobs like plumbing are best left to a professional.

Often times a homeowner will leap into a kitchen remodeling job without giving the needed thought to the planning of the plumbing aspect of the project. Remodeling a kitchen is a big job, and not like building a new table and set of chairs. A kitchen remodel often requires the rerouting of plumbing lines and installation of new fixtures as well as connections for the new sink facets and drain, garbage disposal, dishwasher and ice maker, and if the range is gas powered than gas line connections will also be required.

Gas and water lines and pipes need to be handled properly, or there can be severe, even catastrophic, consequences down the road in the way of a flooded house or worse if there should be a leak from an improperly connected gas line. Aside from a safety standpoint, having someone without the proper experience handle the plumbing can result in a shoddy-looking job that won’t fit the vision of what the homeowners had in mind when they started the job.

A professional plumber will be able to do the needed work with the minimum amount of disruption to daily life. Based on their years of industry knowledge and experience, professional plumbers will begin with a thorough plan of the kitchen layout so the job will go as efficiently as possible.

Instead of the homeowner being restricted to the selections at the local big-box stores, professional plumbers will have access to a greater variety of fixtures and supplies, such as sinks and garbage disposals.

The bottom line is the purpose of any remodeling job is to improve the quality of both daily life and the home. The best investment a homeowner can make is to hire a professional so the work is completed properly the first time.

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