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Should I Use Drain Cleaning Solutions To Unclog My Drain?

clogged drain

Why should you call us to fix a clogged drain when there are drain cleaners on your local store's shelves that promise a clog-free drain in a matter of minutes? In reality, drain cleaners that you buy in a supermarket or hardware store rarely work as promised. In fact, they can do more harm than good. At best ,they are a temporary fix that may cause future problems. If you mix different types of drain cleaners because the first brand didn't work as promised, you could create deadly fumes or an explosion. For this reason it is always best to hire a professional in these occasions.

If you find yourself buying drain cleaners often, you need a professional to look at your drains and find the real problem. You may have corroded older pipes or you may have a tree root that's working its way into your pipes. Drain cleaners won't fix these problems; they may get your water flowing again but you'll have another clog soon afterwards. Drain cleaners are expensive, call us and let us find a permanent solution to your problem. The more you pour drain cleaning products down the drain, the more damage the caustic chemicals do to your plumbing.

Do you know what is in drain cleaning products? If you use one, you'll expose your family to the fumes from sulphuric acid or sodium hydroxide; acid and lye will hurt your lungs if you inhale them. These chemicals dissolve hair and grease clogs so imagine what they would do to your pipes. Acid and lye will eat away at your pipes, causing a more expensive problem down the line.

Imagine pouring corrosive sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide, which is lye; into standing water in a clogged sink. If accidentally splashed on your child or pet, drain cleaners are extremely dangerous and can cause severe burns. Don't waste your time and money on potentially toxic drain cleaning solutions; call us and we'll unclog your drain safely.

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