Why Are You Stuck With A Slow Flushing Toilet?

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Toilets are necessary fixtures that all homes need. When this receptacle does not flush right it can be a real hassle for the occupants of a home. There are many different reasons why a toilet does not flush. However, the 3 primary causes will be listed here.

A Clogged Drain

Clogged drains are the number one reason as to why toilets does not flush. Toilets often become clogged with items such as toilet paper, dental floss, food and deposits can even build up within a line to clog up a drain.

Most clogs can be avoided when a person is careful about what they place inside of their toilet bowl. Items such as baby wipes and papers towels should not be placed into a toilet, but many people do flush these items down the commode.

Diapers and sanitary napkins are two other items that should never enter a toilet bowl. People constantly flush these items down the bowl even though they are not to be disposed of in this manner.

The problem with flushing items such as dental floss and cigarette butts is that these items are not biodegradable. Keep in mind that a partial clog can be just as bad a regular blockage. When a toilet becomes clogged it can be unclogged with a plunger or snake.

Clogged Vents

Most people might not realize this but their toilets need a good ventilation system for adequate flushing. Vents are usually located on the roof and if they get clogged up they can easily cause a toilet to malfunction by flushing slowly. Keep in mind that whenever a toilet is flushed it will expend air to vents that are on the roof.

This is necessary for keeping the toilet running smoothly and to help get rid of gas from sewage. Vents are also necessary for helping to move water through the pipes. Vents are required by building codes and they are needed to keep families from getting sick. Sometimes a clogged vent will be the culprit of a slow flushing toilet and the vent will have to be cleaned to remedy the problem.

A Clogged Siphon Jet

A siphon jet is designed to shoot a forceful stream of water into the drain on most low-flow toilets. If the siphon jet becomes clogged up it will cause a toilet to flush slowly.

Most people probably are not aware of a siphon jet but these parts of a toilet can actually get clogged with toilet paper or even water deposits. A person can check their siphon with their fingers and if it needs to be cleaned out. Ultimately, people can alleviate problems with a low flushing toilet by following these checking for these problems.

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