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Fall Maintenance To Be Mindful Of


Fall has arrived, and homeowners (unlike apartment renters) have a number of tasks at hand. They could, should, or must prepare their dwellings for the fall and winter seasons.

This goes to the seriousness of protecting a real estate investment. Perhaps, order of importance in accomplishing this is different to every homeowner, but the following three tasks, for sure, should be on that all important “to-do” list.

How’s the Furnace?

This is one annual inspection that should not be passed up or overlooked when fall arrives. New homes have gas systems. Old homes, unless heating systems have been replaced, have oil-burning forced-air furnaces or boilers.

In each instance, dangerous exhausts, particularly carbon monoxide, can vent out of a flue or chimney from the combustion chamber and spell disaster. A service professional’s inspection can pinpoint existing or potentially dangerous problems.

Cleaning the system and changing furnace filters will be performed at the same time. It is an affordable annual homeowner expense that ensures safety and care-free warmth and comfort during the fall and winter seasons.

Hot Water Heater Inspection

Inspections and maintenance extend the life of a hot water heater. However, hot water heaters older than eight years may need replacement.

Service professionals will check hot water heaters to determine their efficiency. Sometimes it will make more sense to replace a hot water heater than invest in parts and labor for it, regardless of age. A service professional will be able to give sound advice.

It is exasperating for a homeowner to perform an unsuccessful “DIY.” All of the time spent in personally researching what is causing a problem with the hot water heater and purchasing parts to repair it can be a lesson to be learned. Potential trouble can be detected and corrected by a professional, and the horrible thought of using cold water to bathe in cold weather can be dispelled.

Open Rain Gutters

These gutters need cleaning semi-annually, most ideally, after spring budding, falling flowers and seed pods, and in the fall after trees drop their leaves in abundance.

Perhaps, more cleanings may be necessary during the year because of climate and moisture conditions. Uncleaned, clogged gutters cannot drain properly and water overruns or freezes and results in water damage to other parts of the property and the gutter areas also.

This is not an easy maintenance task inasmuch as the use of a ladder and working at a height a number of feet from the ground can be dangerous. A home repair contractor can accomplish this task in a short amount of time at a reasonable cost.

This is a great start.

Remember to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Call Samco Plumbing at (863) 509-1718 to get your Lakeland, FL home inspected.