Is Your Water Really Supposed To Look That Way?

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What causes discolored water

So you’ve noticed the water coming out of the faucets in your home is a little discolored. The first thing you have to do is determine how extensive the problem might be. Do notice it in one faucet or all of them? Is the color pinkish or more of an orange tinge? Is it discolored from only one faucet or all of them? Do you have well water? All of these questions can help determine what the problem might be, however, it is always a good idea to call a professional plumber.

How can it be fixed

If you do have a well, it’s not that unusual for water to have a variety of minerals present. Some of these are magnesium, iron, resin beads or algae. A water softener or other type of filter can help keep the presence of these materials under control. Another place to check is the water in the tank of your toilet. Is there any residue in there? If so it could mean the magnesium or iron might be the problem. Neither will hurt you but you will probably still want the problem located. Iron is one of the most common problems homeowners face. Bacteria can be found in wells, soil, water treatment plants and even the piping in your home. It could be an indication that your water heaters and storage tanks might require new anode rods. If the pipes in your home are old, and made of galvanized or steel, they could also be the source of the problem as the material starts to deteriorate.

If you are currently using a water softener, it is possible for the resin beads to escape and to get into the pipes. They look a lot like charcoal. You might be able to narrow down what might be the problem in your home by purchasing an affordable water testing kit or having a plumber come to your home. Regardless of what the problem might be, a professional plumber can help. A plumber can offer a definite diagnosis and fix the problem too. This will give you piece of mind knowing the job was done right.

How to prevent it

You can flush your hot water heater periodically and also run tests on the water in your home to stay on top of the presence of bacteria.

Bring in a plumber into your Lakeland home to look over your plumbing system and make the necessary corrections. Call Samco Plumbing at (863) 509-1718 today! 

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