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Where Can I Find The Right Plumber For Me?


Hiring the right plumber is as important as hiring the right mechanic to repair your car. A bad plumbing job creates headaches that include costly repairs in the future.

So how do you find the right plumber for the job?

Determine exactly what you need repaired before you hire a plumber. If you need new gas lines plumbed as well as water lines, a plumber who specializes in septic systems and rarely sees the inside plumbing system of a house would not make a good choice for this type of job.

Begin by asking friends and family what local plumber they have used in the past to provide you with first hand reviews. Utilize the internet to search local plumbers who specialize in the job you need done, this allows you to read reviews of previous customers and feedback on completed work. This bit of research will save you time, money and potentially prevent you from hiring the wrong plumber for the repair.

Prepare a list of questions to ask when you have narrowed your choices down to the top two or three candidates. Call the plumbers and ask your questions, a reputable plumber will be ready and willing to answer any questions you have.

Inquire about licensing, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance. A current license and insurance will protect you in the event an accident happens or your home suffers damage. If you hire an unlicensed or uninsured plumber, you could be held liable for any damages or injuries.

Compare prices of several different plumbing companies and ask questions regarding services, fees and training of employees. Honest and reputable companies do not have hidden fees and will disclose all costs upfront as well as any certifications and training. Obtain a detailed quote in writing, as this is your best defense against any undisclosed charges the plumber neglected to mention.

Always pay with a check or money order, never cash, and ask for a detailed receipt so you know the exact repairs completed and the costs incurred.

Following these simple steps could save you time and money on plumbing repairs.

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