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How Do I Know If My Home Needs To Be Repiped?


The home runs smoothly due to the fact that there are many complex systems working behind the scenes that make life convenient on a daily basis. From electrical work to the structure of the roof above our heads, these vital systems require maintenance and attention over time in order to continue to add to the value of our homes. One of the most integral systems at work in your home is the plumbing. The piping that runs throughout the house is responsible for bringing us freshwater and allowing us to easily dispose of waste. When a problem arises in the piping, the results can be disastrous. Luckily, there are some warning signs that arise when it may be time to start making repairs or replacing the piping in your home entirely.

When the pipping in your home is going downhill, one of the first red flags to arise has to do with water pressure. Low water pressure is present when you can only get weak or small streams of water despite turning nozzles on all the way. Low water pressure increases the amount of work that must be done in the kitchen and while showering. Another common sign of damage or excessive age in the piping is the color of the water that is coming into your home. Discoloration is an indicator that pipes are beginning to rust or corrode. People experiencing this problem often have to allow faucets to run for a considerable period of time before they are given clear water. On top of indicating a problem with the piping, drinking water with rust and other elements from the pipe in it can present a health danger, which calls for necessary replacement.  

Small leaks can also be an indicator of a much bigger problem at hand. When homeowners notice a small leak from one pipe that is doing damage to a wall or ceiling, it is likely that the problem is much more extensive than it first appears. When one pipe has reached this point of degradation, it is extremely likely that a large number of pipes in the system are leaking or at the point that they need to be repaired or replaced.

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