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How Do Drain Cleaners Work?


A clogged sink is an inconvenience to anyone's everyday life. Your first instinct may be to get in the car, drive to the store and purchase a bottle of chemicals that promises to make that clog disappear like magic. Unfortunately, that drain cleaner will bring more negative consequences than positive effects.

Chemical drain cleaners can be composed of a variety of hazardous and corrosive substances. These elements can erode the pipes and may permanently damage sinks, drain coverings and faucets. When a clog continues or returns, there is a natural inclination to add more drain cleaner. This will further damage the pipes and cause leaks that will need to be fixed in the future.

The toxic ingredients used in drain cleaners can be hazardous to you, your family and your pets. Even when exercising caution, drain cleaning solutions are likely to splash, leading to chemical burns, eye injuries and accidental ingestion. The use of protective gloves and glasses can help, but the chemical substance can still travel to other surfaces and lead to additional dangers.

Due to the volatile nature of toxic substances used in chemical drain cleaners, adverse reactions can occur when combined with other common household cleaners. Toxic fumes can be created and once airborne, any inhabitants within the home will be forced to breathe them in. These fumes can not only sicken people in the immediate area but even damage one's respiratory system.

Environmental concerns are valid. If you employ a septic system, the chemicals will travel to the septic tank with the wastewater, eventually releasing into the ground water. The chemical residue in drain cleaner bottles ends up in landfills, seeping through the soil. In time it ends up in the water, resulting in area wildlife being poisoned and a tainted water supply for the human population.

If a clog is too deep within the pipe, a store bought cleaner will be of little to no use. Drain cleaners are not always powerful enough to eliminate obstructions either. A router can be used or a section of pipe may have to be removed and cleared by hand.

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