We Bet You Didn't Know You Couldn't Flush These Items

broken toilet

Using the Toilet as a Trash Can

The most common reason for a clogged toilet is using it as a trash can. Throwing items into your toilet and flushing doesn't mean that they're being disposed.

Instead, these items build up in the line and cause the toilet to clog over time. To alleviate this issue, make sure you're cognizant of what's being put into the toilet. If it's not toilet paper, put it in the garbage bin!

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are one of the leading reasons for toilet clogs around the globe. These wipes are designed to be super-absorbent, but they often don't break down. As an alternative, use toilet paper when the situation calls for it; leaving the wet wipes for emergencies will increase the health and lifespan of your toilet.

Too Much Toilet Paper

Similar to wet wipe usage, too much of a good thing can ultimately be a bad thing. Using excessive amounts of toilet paper can lead to build up and gunk within the piping of your toilet.

Using 1 to 3 sheets of toilet paper is more than enough to clean up most messes. Consult your family in order to minimize their toilet paper usage to help fight back against these pesky toilet clogging problem!


Putting excessive amounts of grease into your sinks and piping can lead to a multitude of problems. The grease will coat the inside of the pipes and make it harder for your pipe system to regulate water flow, drain toilets, and optimize efficiency. From this moment forward, always dispose of your grease by placing it into a container and avoid dumping it into the drain. If you frequently use your sink to dispose of grease, you may have located the problem for your backed up toilet!


Toys are endless amounts of fun, aren't they? However, they can can also cause an endless amount of toilet clogging and plumbing damage. If the children within your home play with toys on a regular basis, advocate that they keep them away from the toilet.

Small toys and parts can get into the system and prevent the water filling and draining properly. As a deterrent, put the lid down to prevent any 'good ideas' from your children. The closed set will discourage them from using it as a toy.

Avoid the embarrassment of an untimely toilet clog, call SAMCO Plumbing at (863) 509-1718 to keep your Lakeland throne flushing! 

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