5 Common Plumbing Myths


Top Plumbing Myth One: Hair Will Not Clog a Bathtub or Bathroom Sink’s Drain

Most of our Lakeland customers don’t believe that hair or fur will clog a drain, but they are wrong. When our customers wash their pets in a sink or bathtub, the animal’s fur mixes with shampoo to create a lump that clogs drains. Not only will animal fur cause drainage problems, but also, human hair does the same thing. It doesn’t matter whether the hair strands are short or long, it gets caught on the interior surfaces of pipes to create a clog. To avoid hair or fur clogs, place a specialized device that captures debris over drains.

Top Plumbing Myth Two: Running Water while Using a Garbage Disposal Prevents Clogs

Garbage disposal units are great appliances because it makes it easier to get rid of food scraps, but our plumbers want to remind customers that some items are not appropriate for a garbage disposal. Never pour grease down a kitchen sink’s drain because it collects on the metal blades and pipes, making it easier for food debris to adhere to the system. Do not try to grind bones, eggshells or vegetable peelings because the substances are too hard and will break the garbage disposal’s blades or create a clog in the pipes.

Top Plumbing Myth Three: Anything is Flushable in a Toilet

Manufacturers advertise many products as flushable in a toilet, but the items do not decompose enough to fit through a drainage system, leading to a clog. Our plumbers receive emergency calls from customers who have tried to flush makeup remover pads and infant diapers. These items may cause a toilet to overflow immediately because the substances will not fit down the toilet bowl’s drainage hole, or the materials collect deep inside pipes to cause problems

Top Plumbing Myth Four: It is Safe to Use Store-Bought Drain Cleaners

Store-bought drain cleaners contain dangerous chemicals that can lead to burns on the skin and eyes of homeowners or our plumbers. In addition, the chemicals in drain cleaners are ineffective and can damage plumbing fixtures.

Top Plumbing Myth Five: Plumbing Fixtures Do Not Require Maintenance

Plumbing fixtures requires special care by using gentle cleansers to prevent damage to porcelain and metal surfaces. Making sure you're aware of all these myths can prevent costly damages to your Lakeland, FL home.

Don't make uneducated assumptions about your Lakeland, FL plumbing system. Call Samco Plumbing at (863) 509-1718 for the quality you deserve.

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