Signs Your Water Heater Needs Maintenance

water heater

For most homes the hot water heater is a major appliance. Without it A number of systems tends to fall apart, such as showers, dishes, and any number of niceties are simply no longer possible. Because of that it helps to know when your water heater needs maintenance.

Decreased temperatures are one of the more subtle signs that you may not notice. Over time the heater may not be as hot as it once was as the heating element wears down. You need to make sure that no one is adjusting the temperature as a means to save money or for personal comfort, but assuming that is not the case you may need to have someone take a careful look at your heater. Although some may want to look at themselves, a professional can do the job safer, quicker, and he may notice other problems that need to be dealt with. 

Leaking pipes are another sign that some maintenance is in order. Metal pipes can corrode and rust over time no matter what kind of metal; even galvanized metal can eventually corrode. Plastic pipes are better, but the connections may change size slightly over time, or the glue keeping the pipes and connections may dissolve over time; both of these allow water through. The problem may be more severe than it appears, as the corrosion may go deeper than suspected and other systems may have been compromised. A leak may be small but it may the herald of something bigger coming. 

Should one of these signs show up it may be time to call someone in. A hot water heater may not be the most expensive appliance you may buy, but it can be one of the most versatile. It gets used by every room with running water, including the laundry room. A water heater that is on the fritz can make everyone’s life miserable, especially if you need a lot of hot water for a variety of tasks. However, if you have any problems call for professional help; if you want it done right, it helps to give it to someone who knows what needs to be done.

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