Is Hiring A Plumber For A Home Project Worth It?

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Many homeowners try to save money with DIY plumbing projects. While there are a lot of projects you can do by yourself, many hide obvious and not so obvious hazards which make them best left to professionals. Some projects turn out to be much bigger than expected. Others require special training and expertise which may end up costing the homeowner more money in the
long run.

Blocked Drains: Most people can clear clogged or blocked drains on their own. You just need a plunger. However, if that clog causes water to backup, you may have a more serious problem requiring professional assistance. Backed up water can damage your floors, walls, and even furniture. If left untreated, the water can lead to mold growth and other health issues.

Installations: While you can do some small installation projects such as new faucets or shower heads on your own, most major installations require new plumbing systems and therefore need to be done by professionals. These projects include installing or repairing sinks, dishwashers, bath tubs and shower rooms, and even toilets.

Broken Pipes and Leaks: You cannot repair burst or leaking pipes. You have to replace them. Caulk and tape patches are only temporary fixes. They do not actually repair the pipes. However, you may not even be able to reach the pipes to patch them, and some leaks simply cannot be patched. Only a professional plumber has the tools needed to remove your old broken pipes and install new ones.

Water Heaters: Water heaters are just big tanks of water, but they can fail in a number of ways. They can accumulate sediments, they can burst like a pipe, and valves can break just to mention a few. Each problem has its own solution, and only a professional plumber is trained to handle them all or spot them in the first place.

While you can do some plumbing repairs yourself, these four projects require a more professional touch. As one small mistake can become a
very costly repair, consulting a professional plumber will save you money and headaches while avoiding costly life-threatening disaster.

Do you have a project in mind that requires the help of a plumber? Call Samco Plumbing, your Lakeland plumber, at (863) 509-1718 and get started today!

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